Form Wizard Feature

The Form Wizard Pro is a great tool to build feedback forms, surveys, gather information and collect registration for events that do not require money payments.

Example forms:


To Edit Questions

  • Click on "Edit Form" below. Add questions on the "Questions" tab and edit the message that pops up after a form is submitted on the "Thank You Message" tab.

Change Email Notifications

  • Forms can be sent to a single email address or multiple email addresses (separated by commas). To change email address, click on "Settings" below, scroll down and click on the  "Notifications Settings."  

Download Data

  • The website collects the forms submissions which can be viewed by a user with edit permissions. In edit mode, click on the "Administration" link, then on "Submission Data." Data can be exported to Excel or Word. Submissions can also be viewed by clicking on "View Submissions Grid" or "Browse Submissions."
  • The data should be deleted occasionally by clicking on "Delete All Form Submission."


Under the course selection, list the date, time, location and address.  That way the information will be emailed to the participant (e.g., Scoutmaster Specific on February 29, 2016 from 8am-1pm at XYZ Church (123 Main Street). Remember to delete all the submissions once or twice a year.

Advanced feature:  CSS class: grid_8 autowidth

First, Middle, Last, Suffix: col-xs-10 col-md-5 and col-xs-2 col-md-1     Email / Phone: col-xs-6     City/State/Zip: city: col-xs-6, state: col-xs-3, zip: col-xs-6

<div class="alert alert-success"><b>Success!</b> Your registration has completed successfully. Thank you for your interest, we'll be in touch with you soon to provide information about current news and activities.</div>

Below is a list of they type of questions available:











Sliding Scale


Yes/No Checkbox


Instruction Block

The Instruction Block allows you to insert instructions or notes before or after a question. 

This block can be edited similar to the webpages. You can insert a line, graphic or link and use headings.