Webmaster Support

How to Submit Content for Approval

  • Log in: Under the "Resources" tab and select "Sign in"
  • Click on "Edit" (top of the page):     Note: There may be more than one "Edit" button on a page
  • After editing the content, click on "Update Draft" (bottom  of  page ) to save changes: 
  • Click on the "" button (top of the page) to submit content for approval / publishing:  
  • All pages submitted for approval should be live within two business days.

Hint: For more webmaster tips, visit the website training site.

Submit Webmaster Support Request

  • Emergency Approval:  Emergency approval may be needed in some instances. Please use this request for major emergencies (e.g., bad weather has impacted an event and a page needs to be published ASAP) or a minor emergency (e.g., DE is out of town and page needs updating). 
  • Pages are not being published: Please let us know if your pages aren't being approved within two business days.
  • Help needed: Let us know if you need any type of support or help with editing.