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Golf Classic

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Good Turn for America

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Guide to Advancement

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Guide to Safe Scouting

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Gone Home


For many generations before ours, trail markers were used to safely guide travelers in the right direction while on the trail. One had to keep a keen eye, as trail markers could be many things; arranged stones, sticks or grass, plumes of wood smoke or carved markers in trees. There are many variations throughout the world, with some adapting their own marks to suit their environment, and themselves. Although somewhat different, they were all used for the same reasons: to mark the trail, show the way, to guide. 

There is one symbol that is universal. A dot surrounded by a larger circle. Scouting’s founder Lord Baden-Powell was laid to rest in Kenya. His gravestone bears a circle with a dot in the center, which is the trail sign for “I have gone home.” Some feel life itself is best described as a trail, for it has a beginning, and end, and many turns and bends along the way.

We honor these committed Scouters for their loyalty to the Scouting program and their enthusiasm for instilling values in our young people. 

May the Great Scoutmaster of all Scouts be with us until we meet again.”